What if We Nuke the Moon?
5 månader sedan
The 12,021 Human Era Calendar
Shibainu Sojiro
Shibainu Sojiro 16 timmar sedan
All I know is that whatever cloud storage gets my brain, it better have anti-virus software installed.
HellBound Horror
HellBound Horror 16 timmar sedan
What would happen if the earth passed that border?
Emanuel Varela
Emanuel Varela 16 timmar sedan
1:30 that was the rong answer and we are all fucked
plixplop 16 timmar sedan
4:24 6:38 Was it intentional that the simulated chemical reaction is slightly inaccurate to the biological one? The right side chemical gate doesn't open on the simulated version. Clever detail!
Shadøwfly Øfficïal
Shadøwfly Øfficïal 16 timmar sedan
SEmost: what if we nuke a city? Me: first time?
Saqib Ali
Saqib Ali 16 timmar sedan
the presented hypothesis is only true if 'cosmic inflation' is correct. Many scientists, including Paul Steinhardt (founding members of the cosmic inflation) have serious reservations about it.
RDSyafriyar 16 timmar sedan
"What is one man's life compared to the eternity of time and space? No more than a snowflake that glitters in the sun for a moment before melting into the flow of time." - Osamu Tezuka
Brrt 16 timmar sedan
Even with a Dyson Sphere I bet I will still LAG in video games -.-
JP Rheeder
JP Rheeder 16 timmar sedan
People have been eating meat for thousands of years and will continue to do so. The day when vegans and vegetarians have significant longer life spans that meat eaters then I will consider it. Anything anyone says until that day just doesn't matter to me.
Bahiz Sabir
Bahiz Sabir 16 timmar sedan
A video about the Pyramids of Giza and how they were built would so good if done by Kurzgesagt, especially with all the research and the visuals it would be such a interesting and fascinating video
c0s 16 timmar sedan
whats up with blue birds always being the dead?
Apsolon 16 timmar sedan
Oooooooor increases nuclear weapons. It won't threaten anyone if there is no one to be threaten.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 16 timmar sedan
you know its not bad but terrible, when pasta is used. never been so happy to know how to grow vegies and how to make gnocchi. goooooooooooooooooood luckl everyone! (not really, i do better when all you folks who cant cook die)
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 16 timmar sedan
of course.
عدنان POWER25
عدنان POWER25 16 timmar sedan
Judgement day will happen before our explodes in a supernova
Atharva Vivek
Atharva Vivek 16 timmar sedan
If a type kid of omega civilization has really created this universe as a school project,then 1 request that please delete the years 2020 and 2021 and also COVID-19 from this universe's history.
POV LA 16 timmar sedan
There’s probably a way to get there.
Ceez B
Ceez B 16 timmar sedan
Doubtful we’ll ever leave our Galaxy... that’s the true border if we’re being realistic. It sucks to imagine this but the energy required is too immense. Physically speaking (with the best tech advancements) how fast could we go? 10% light speed? Would be dope if we could develop tech/science!
Metallization OFFICIAL
Metallization OFFICIAL 16 timmar sedan
I've been eating a half a pack of bacon everyday damn. Worth it
KAVINSKY BKKSIAM 16 timmar sedan
We may need to design some new babies to live on Mars.
jprp999 16 timmar sedan
No mention of Cthulhu then?
Gary McSpadden tech
Gary McSpadden tech 16 timmar sedan
Good idea. I'll get right on that.
Kode_X 16 timmar sedan
We got designer clothing and accessories And DESIGNER BABIES?! Jesus that will be expensive!
Talan Lowien
Talan Lowien 16 timmar sedan
0:41 Ha just like me
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 16 timmar sedan
i wrote out the whole damn thing before i realized it didnt matter! not on board!
Knneth Sanders
Knneth Sanders 16 timmar sedan
May 13, 2021, was the 22nd World Falun Dafa Day and the 29th anniversary of Falun Dafa’s public introduction. Members of the European Parliament, the Federal Parliament, the Hesse Parliament, and the Frankfurt City Council sent letters of greeting to mark the occasion. They commended the values of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and practitioners’ perseverance in their peaceful protests of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution. They also called on the CCP to stop the persecution immediately. Michael Gahler, Member of European Parliament (MEP), participated the practitioners' celebratory event in Frankfurt on May 8 and gave a speech.
Brrt 16 timmar sedan
If Einsteins theories turn out to be correct, and we can generate enough power to fold space time itself, nothing is out of reach..
erinkyd 16 timmar sedan
I love this channel so much 🥺
Владимир Антоноски
Владимир Антоноски 16 timmar sedan
I would really love to see a video of possible theories as to what or who created the entire Universe. I'm interested in what theories or hypotheses there are on what existed prior to the big bang.
Haddy 16 timmar sedan
All this says cyberpunk
Ambar 16 timmar sedan
F**k it definately works, and it's not placebo! Modern medicines and allopathy sucks
Keegan Lee
Keegan Lee 17 timmar sedan
3rd period spare is pretty bad.
Atharva Vivek
Atharva Vivek 17 timmar sedan
Kurzgesagt destroyed Sci-fi fans expectation who were thinking that they will one day explore the whole universe with the cool technology in future
Semlicemente Peco
Semlicemente Peco 17 timmar sedan
Me, a leage player:
A random User
A random User 17 timmar sedan
4:56 Help me i cannot stop laughing 😂
The great, master of worlds!
The great, master of worlds! 17 timmar sedan
Hey! Ya gotta help me clean out all this rice! Especially from under the bed!
爱人么你 17 timmar sedan
Are there white holes out there in the space? Or I'm misunderstanding something?
n8 17 timmar sedan
maybe it’s God at the end of energy use / intelligence gain (type omega civilizations)
Aaron Bloom
Aaron Bloom 17 timmar sedan
3:41 reminds me of the floating turles from Avatar. Great video.
your typical manga reader
your typical manga reader 17 timmar sedan
It's all fun and games until all lights went out and is starting to get very hot
Chemist2013 17 timmar sedan
I’m French and I don’t see the advantage of EU except for vacation. Europe for opened borders? Yes. A political europe? No thanks, don’t want that French laws being influenced by foreign countries. This silly idea that Europe is superpower is a proof that Europeans never understood what use to make us superpowers. France and UK used to be superpower thanks to ressources of their colonies. Now we don’t have enough ressources or population to be a superpower. EU is like Japan or South Korea: an economical giant and a political dwarf.
Athena Fessler
Athena Fessler 17 timmar sedan
The offbeat nickel critically desert because chain electronmicroscopically undress above a eatable port. same, alike politician
Zetsuke4 17 timmar sedan
comparing it to hunger was good
MrPenguin 17 timmar sedan
9:25 after hours of traveling underwater you literally came back like a few seconds
Samuel Rippe
Samuel Rippe 17 timmar sedan
The subtitles are funny "catchy intro jingle"
set123 17 timmar sedan
3:28 hell yeah
Anca Andrei
Anca Andrei 17 timmar sedan
less than 1200 hours again 🎉
Melting Stream
Melting Stream 17 timmar sedan
So everything big is a small version of something big
white smoke
white smoke 17 timmar sedan
so(just joking) we just doing selfcest? good to know.
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 17 timmar sedan
are the subtitles custom??
jprp999 17 timmar sedan
Lol, all the Fracking companies are rubbing their hands at this - "Yes, yes our next public funding grab".
Paul Cullen
Paul Cullen 17 timmar sedan
I need a Big Mac
Let's Doodle Something HOME
Let's Doodle Something HOME 17 timmar sedan
When you’re lonely remember you have millions possibly billions of micro-organisms on you, and no matter what you do you can’t get them off.
Rayyaneid Seguancia
Rayyaneid Seguancia 17 timmar sedan
Thats why God exist
Hey it's me
Hey it's me 17 timmar sedan
i think they like pokemon a lot.
Let's Doodle Something HOME
Let's Doodle Something HOME 17 timmar sedan
“It’s so hot yet it’s also so cold” -Judge from The Good Place
MrTrashTanMan 17 timmar sedan
0:45 *I wonder if people are gonna use that to prove earth is a stimulation**
KillerPojo12 17 timmar sedan
hated this one. we didn't come up with concept of dark energy to explain the expanding of the universe. so much more than that. stopped the video and disliked. fuck off.
FixtrtMusic 17 timmar sedan
We have to die, otherwise there will be too many humans!
jazziel totti
jazziel totti 17 timmar sedan
Why hasn't the U.S. follow a policy like the one in Switzerland?....amazing
Athena Fessler
Athena Fessler 17 timmar sedan
The slippery jason generically happen because belief expectantly slow above a open candle. public, staking cowbell
Maria tl
Maria tl 17 timmar sedan
Nihilism: Nothing matters Optimistic nihilism: Since nothing matters you might as well enjoy yourself and not overthink your life
blue netro
blue netro 17 timmar sedan
432372as 17 timmar sedan
The borders are Arasy and Celestial Body of Water and Kursy
patrick lavoie
patrick lavoie 17 timmar sedan
you just need a electronic brain that is equal to the human one to transfer just like robotic arms being controlled by the brain were just a biological computer and we have them too . i believe it would be like transcendent. we have never tried or some have and we have no idea .
Sujit Das
Sujit Das 17 timmar sedan
"An allopath comes and treats cholera patients and gives them his medicine. The homoeopath comes and gives his medicines and cures perhaps more than the allopath does because the homoeopath does not disturb the patients but allows the nature to deal with them. -- SWAMI VIVEKANANDA AND THERE ARE MANY MORE GREAT RETUALS LIKE GANDHI, LINKON, TAGORE , TWIN , King Nepolein , Einstein, Darwin and there are thousands of examples the homeopathy has worked💯💯💯🌿 Please share🍃
Mateusz Wójcik
Mateusz Wójcik 17 timmar sedan
we will cross the border... We just jump it over. *Like a madlad.*
Richard 17 timmar sedan
Yes everyone should get it. In the UK, 2019 50,100 people died just buy cold alone. ALL were preventable and that's government figures! We were thrown off our land when the Norman's - William the bustard came - 1066. Before that we had the Romans oppressing us. We have a greedy, disgusting global financial system run by the same family's which have for hundreds of years. We are ALL prisoner's to it from cradle to grave. The appalling stock market, their wars and greed. Yet we still get nut case peasants who think because they have a few more items then those next door. They're in some way more special. All it means is they have more suitable and more debt ! A life of servitude. .
Soft waffle
Soft waffle 17 timmar sedan
this already happened. We are already trapped in here forever, what scientists see is the thing that happened billions of years ago
Big Man, Consumer Of Bodily Fluids
Big Man, Consumer Of Bodily Fluids 17 timmar sedan
Step 1: gather as many metal detector you can Step 2: face them at each other Step 3: turn on th- step 4: boom, you've destroyed the universe
Stupido Gamer
Stupido Gamer 17 timmar sedan
FairyLights 17 timmar sedan
most fave kurzgesagt video <3
Soft waffle
Soft waffle 17 timmar sedan
i was born in the wrong generation xdddd
Vermillion 17 timmar sedan
Imagine If kurz got a physical school, the amount of science enthusiasts would collapse the whole building.
Nabeel Ahmed Khan
Nabeel Ahmed Khan 17 timmar sedan
There is no denying USA could even do this one day if it ever got 10 billion nukes worth uranium.
jprp999 17 timmar sedan
Whatever, just become a Buddhist, once you achieve true enlightenment you will know all creation.
Sott Mert Yiğitoğlu
Sott Mert Yiğitoğlu 17 timmar sedan
Uy scuti???
Tricky 18 timmar sedan
Don't say size of a marble. Don't say size of anything. The early universe is a tricky concept to get across, but that one is misleading.
jprp999 18 timmar sedan
At the moment it looks like we won't get past corporate capitalism........................
Mr Master
Mr Master 18 timmar sedan
this is a gamma ray bomb against karens and I love how effective it is